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Beauty should be cared for

Beauty care in harmony with nature


Beauty is the expression of well-being and contentment.
eubiona offers six product lines for demanding customers. These combine daily care with unaltered active ingredients from nature and tender loving care for the soul.

The care lines FACE, BODY, SENSITIVE, HAIR, ACTIVE and SUN focus on ingredients from organic farming and combine them in an innovative way.

Only high-quality, natural substances are used for the particular quality of eubiona products: precious natural oils, valuable herbal extracts and noble flower extracts.

The product group eubiona wellness offers you dietary supplements and household goods. During manufacturing we especially pay attention to both the environmental impact and the selecting of raw materials. For eubiona products we only use tensides based on the renewable raw material sugar, which is completely biodegradable.

Following facts apply to eubiona products:

The eubiona care lines make beauty care a comprehensive harmonious and sensuous experience for your customers – beauty care in harmony with nature.

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